Custom wooden boxes

Every now and then we get asked to make custom wooden gift boxes to hold whiskey, wine or beer. Here are a few projects we have done over the past few months.

A custom box with 4 whisky glasses. We also printed a custom sticker for the whisky bottle.

20150129_164436 (375x500) 20150129_163802 (300x500) 20150129_163837 (375x500)

A custom box to hold 2 of the recipient’s favourite craft beers. We added a custom engraved bottle opener (sadly we cannot find stock of bottle openers at the moment – such a pity as they make awesome gifts.)

20151215_165700 (281x500) 20151215_165413 (311x500) 20151215_165527 (281x500)

We recently made this custom box to hold a bottle of whisky, 2 glasses and a set of custom coasters.

20160406_100839 (317x500) 20160406_105819 (281x500) 20160407_062245 (500x488) 20160406_105657 (500x480)

Email us on if you are looking for a custom box for that special gift.

***Wine boxes available online here

Branded wooden boxes

We were approached to brand a few hundred boxes for corporate gifts for FNB Islamic Banking. The boxes were ultimately filled with sweets.

FNB boxes1

The original plan was to engrave on the boxes themselves but some of the boxes were too large to fit in our machine so we opted to engrave wooden labels which we could glue on instead. The engraved “smokey” labels always need cleaning when they come out of the machine but a light sanding and wipe with a damp cloth quickly sorts that out.

FNB boxes2

We made a simple wooden template to help align the labels to the boxes and then glued the labels on.

FNB boxes3

FNB boxes4


Loved the final rustic look of the boxes.

FNB boxes7


FNB boxes6


20150708_075628 (439x500)

Our 5 best picks for Mother’s Day gifts

Mother’s Day is on the 10th May and we’ve put together our 5 best picks for Mother’s Day gifts from the Paperkutz store.

1. If you love baking, whip up a batch of cupcakes for your mom and dress them in some pretty cupcake wrappers. We have a HUGE range to choose from. Prices range from R29 – R82 per dozen. Browse them all here.


2.  Everybody loves stationery and Paperkutz has a beautiful range of notepads with wooden covers. The  covers open with a clever “living hinge” design.  We even have an option for personalisation. Put your mom’s initial on a notepad and she’ll love you forever!  Check out our range of notepads here. Price is R80.

A6 wooden notebook1

3. Our popular Botanical Paper Placemats always make a stunning gift. There are 20 sheets of 4 different designs in a pad @R150. Available here

Paper placemats colour promo pic

4. If your mom is an avid cook, then she will love our Owl spoon rests. Get them here for R60.


5. Our Jewellery Hand Stands are great for all moms – such a fun way to store and display jewellery. Available here in white, black or wood @R165.

Jewellery Handstand7

Time to go shopping!!

LED desk lamps/night lights

We’ve have been dying to make something with lights ever since we made these these paper table runners with tea lights for my niece’s wedding.

table runner2 table runner1


This time we wanted to go a bit more high tech and use ELECTRICITY – gasp! We decided to make a lamp that uses LED lights to light up a flat piece of engraved acrylic – it’s a simple idea that’s been around for a while.

LED lights LED power supply

Our lamps basically consist of a wooden base with a strip of LED lights embedded into it. The LED lights plug into a power adaptor (which is supplied with the lamp). The flat piece of engraved acrylic simply slides into a slot on the top of the wooden base and the magic happens. We engraved a simple “bulb” design onto the acrylic. Because the acrylic piece is removable, it can easily be replaced with a different design (we have plans for those too!)

LED lamp parts

LED lamp dark closeup

LED lamp1

The beauty of LED lights is that they don’t use much electricity and they don’t get hot which means you can leave the light on overnight – perfect for use as a kid’s night light although they look beautiful in any room. You can order yours here.


Laser engraved cork invitations

Last year we were asked to engrave some wedding invitations on cork. We have never worked with cork before and were not sure if we could do it. We tried a test engraving on thin cork floor tiles and it was a black sooty disaster. (Don’t believe everything you see on Pinterest!). Luckily the bride sourced suitable cork but it was very thin and we had to glue 2 layers of it together.

After a bit of  trial and error we manage to produce these wedding invitations. We were pretty pleased with how they turned out.

Cork invitations2 Cork invitations1

Cork invitations4 Cork invitations3 Cork invitations5







Gooi & Enjoy™ Meal Dice

We are always on the lookout for innovative things to make so we are pretty excited about our Gooi & Enjoy™ Meal Dice. There are a few versions of the dice already available so we certainly can’t take credit for inventing them, but we wanted to give them a definite South African twist.

If you are tired of the same old meals, day in and day out and need a fun, easy way of menu planning which will shake up your cooking routine, then it’s time to play with our Gooi & Enjoy™ Meal Dice.

Gooi & Enjoy4

The Gooi & Enjoy™ Meal Dice is a set of 9 dice designed to inspire creative meals using fresh South African ingredients and South African methods of cooking (think BRAAI). The wooden dice are laser engraved and come in a handy enamel laser engraved mug which is perfect for shaking and storing your Gooi & Enjoy ™ Meal Dice. All instructions are included.

Gooi & Enjoy3

sneak peek

Each dice is engraved with an ingredient or cooking method.
The set includes 5 basic dice engraved with
1) cooking method
2) protein
3) carb
4) herb
5) a bonus ingredient

and 4 seasonal veggie dice (only use the veggie dice for the current season).


Gooi & Enjoy2

Gooi & Enjoy dice roll1


• Roll the 5 basic dice plus 1 veg dice for the current season e.g summer (If you don’t like what you have rolled, then roll again)
• Go shopping/raid your cupboard for the ingredients from your dice roll.
• Create, cook and enjoy!

Remember that you don’t have to follow your roll precisely – use it for inspiration.

Our Gooi & Enjoy ™ Meal Dice are available here



Engraved Consol Solar Jars

We were asked to engrave a logo and slogan onto 200 Consol Solar Jars. We have had a bit of practice engraving these as night lights for Little Lumps so we took the job on with confidence.

The solar jars are an odd shape – kind of square with rounded edges, and one side has Consol branding embossed into the glass. This makes it quite difficult to engrave and the best way to get consistent results is to build a jig (sounds posher than it actually is). We basically built a box for the jar to rest in while it gets engraved.

Eurolab solar jars1

Glass also needs to be masked before it gets engraved so we painstakingly stuck a piece of masking tape onto each jar. Sound like fun yet?

Eurolab solar jars2

This is what it looks like after engraving but before we clean it up. Not very pretty.

Eurolab solar jars3

But look how lovely it is after the masking tape is removed and the glass is given a wipe.

Eurolab solar jars4

Ta da!

Eurolab solar jars final

Wooden badges

We were asked by Genio Roasters to make 300 badges for the SCAE World of Coffee Expo in Italy this year. We had to keep it simple as we had only 3 days to produce them.


We laser engraved 12 different designs from 3mm supawood.

Badges7 Badges6 Badges5 Badges4 Badges3 Badges2

We glued badge pins to the back (ever waited for glue to dry in a Joburg winter?)


And here they are – all packed and ready to go.










Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With father’s day coming up, we compiled a list of gift suggestions from the Paperkutz store that we know your dad will love.


But…there’s more! Your dad can strut his stuff proudly wearing his Superdad badge which we’ll throw in for FREE with every purchase off our list. How awesome is that? Psst…..Superdad badges are also available in our store (not online) for R15 each. Pop into our store to grab one.

superdad badge

Custom wooden tray

Just finished this custom order for a wooden tray. Our customer wanted a specific size which meant we had to design and make it from scratch. The tray is just slightly larger than A4.


 We added some pretty engraving on the sides.


We used supawood throughout and gave it a few coats of sealant.  tray3