Laser cut wooden spirograph set

Remember the old Spirograph toy from the 1960s? (I am showing my age, I know). For those who are too young to remember, Spirograph is a drawing toy that uses gears and wheels of different sizes to draw patterns. As kids we LOVED Spirograph so imagine how excited I was when we found plans for laser cutting a Spirograph set. The plans also included an awesome box for storing all the gears and wheels. 

We had to tweak the design slightly to suit our laser cutter and we also added our own design for the front of the box. We first laser engraved and cut the wooden box from 3mm recycled wood.

We then laser cut and engraved the gears and wheels from 3mm clear perspex. We “played” with it a bit and it worked exactly as I remembered.

The most satisfying part was assembling the box and packing the wheels and gears into it. This was such a fun project. Definitely going to make a couple of these for Christmas prezzies.

Love the clever way that the box closes.