Our 5 best picks for Mother’s Day gifts

Mother’s Day is on the 10th May and we’ve put together our 5 best picks for Mother’s Day gifts from the Paperkutz store.

1. If you love baking, whip up a batch of cupcakes for your mom and dress them in some pretty cupcake wrappers. We have a HUGE range to choose from. Prices range from R29 – R82 per dozen. Browse them all here.


2.  Everybody loves stationery and Paperkutz has a beautiful range of notepads with wooden covers. The  covers open with a clever “living hinge” design.  We even have an option for personalisation. Put your mom’s initial on a notepad and she’ll love you forever!  Check out our range of notepads here. Price is R80.

A6 wooden notebook1

3. Our popular Botanical Paper Placemats always make a stunning gift. There are 20 sheets of 4 different designs in a pad @R150. Available here

Paper placemats colour promo pic

4. If your mom is an avid cook, then she will love our Owl spoon rests. Get them here for R60.


5. Our Jewellery Hand Stands are great for all moms – such a fun way to store and display jewellery. Available here in white, black or wood @R165.

Jewellery Handstand7

Time to go shopping!!

LED desk lamps/night lights

We’ve have been dying to make something with lights ever since we made these these paper table runners with tea lights for my niece’s wedding.

table runner2 table runner1


This time we wanted to go a bit more high tech and use ELECTRICITY – gasp! We decided to make a lamp that uses LED lights to light up a flat piece of engraved acrylic – it’s a simple idea that’s been around for a while.

LED lights LED power supply

Our lamps basically consist of a wooden base with a strip of LED lights embedded into it. The LED lights plug into a power adaptor (which is supplied with the lamp). The flat piece of engraved acrylic simply slides into a slot on the top of the wooden base and the magic happens. We engraved a simple “bulb” design onto the acrylic. Because the acrylic piece is removable, it can easily be replaced with a different design (we have plans for those too!)

LED lamp parts

LED lamp dark closeup

LED lamp1

The beauty of LED lights is that they don’t use much electricity and they don’t get hot which means you can leave the light on overnight – perfect for use as a kid’s night light although they look beautiful in any room. You can order yours here.


Gooi & Enjoy™ Meal Dice

We are always on the lookout for innovative things to make so we are pretty excited about our Gooi & Enjoy™ Meal Dice. There are a few versions of the dice already available so we certainly can’t take credit for inventing them, but we wanted to give them a definite South African twist.

If you are tired of the same old meals, day in and day out and need a fun, easy way of menu planning which will shake up your cooking routine, then it’s time to play with our Gooi & Enjoy™ Meal Dice.

Gooi & Enjoy4

The Gooi & Enjoy™ Meal Dice is a set of 9 dice designed to inspire creative meals using fresh South African ingredients and South African methods of cooking (think BRAAI). The wooden dice are laser engraved and come in a handy enamel laser engraved mug which is perfect for shaking and storing your Gooi & Enjoy ™ Meal Dice. All instructions are included.

Gooi & Enjoy3

sneak peek

Each dice is engraved with an ingredient or cooking method.
The set includes 5 basic dice engraved with
1) cooking method
2) protein
3) carb
4) herb
5) a bonus ingredient

and 4 seasonal veggie dice (only use the veggie dice for the current season).


Gooi & Enjoy2

Gooi & Enjoy dice roll1


• Roll the 5 basic dice plus 1 veg dice for the current season e.g summer (If you don’t like what you have rolled, then roll again)
• Go shopping/raid your cupboard for the ingredients from your dice roll.
• Create, cook and enjoy!

Remember that you don’t have to follow your roll precisely – use it for inspiration.

Our Gooi & Enjoy ™ Meal Dice are available here



Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With father’s day coming up, we compiled a list of gift suggestions from the Paperkutz store that we know your dad will love.


But…there’s more! Your dad can strut his stuff proudly wearing his Superdad badge which we’ll throw in for FREE with every purchase off our list. How awesome is that? Psst…..Superdad badges are also available in our store (not online) for R15 each. Pop into our store to grab one.

superdad badge

Laser cut leather

A customer, who makes leather sandals with interchangeable straps, asked us if we could laser cut a new design for her. She normally gets the leather straps die cut but wanted more detail which a laser can do.

We have never cut leather before so we first did a few test cuts on some scrap samples she gave us. We had heard that leather smells bad when it is laser cut so we were prepared for the worst. It does smell – a bit like burning hair – but nothing too bad. After fiddling around with our machine we found the perfect settings and look how beautifully the leather cut. Our customer was blown away and is so excited by the possibilities for her.

Leather sandal


Matchbook Calendar Coasters 2014

We are so excited about our latest product – a Matchbook Calendar Coaster set for 2014.

Each “matchbook” consists of 12 tear off coasters which are lovingly laser engraved on beer mat board with a different month of the year (2014). Each coaster is perforated at the bottom so tearing out is easy. Your coaster can be used for the month and then thrown away when a new month begins.

Matchbook Calendar open

Matchbook Calendar open2 Matchbook Calendar with mug

Each matchbook comes with a  printed cover. Currently we have 4 different cover designs: flamingo, moustache, birdies and the Joburg skyline. We have a limited quantity of our standard designs available, so get yours here.

4 designs

P.S. If you are a small company looking for the perfect gift for your customers, we would love to customise our Matchbook Calendar Coasters to suit you. Email us for details.




Laser cut wooden badges

A while ago we received a request to make laser cut badges for a wedding. The bride sent us a photo of what she wanted and asked if we were able to make something similar. I love making something new and the badges looked like they would be easy enough to make.

As with all new products, we prefer to do a trial run first so that we can iron out any glitches and get our act together. So, here is a pic of our prototype – needless to say this badge is MINE.

The boss badge

The badge is made up of 2 layers of wood: the top layer is engraved and cut and the bottom layer is painted and then glued to the top. The badge is then given a few coats of clear sealant and a magnetic brooch pin is fixed to the back. Simple and quick – the longest process was waiting for the coats of sealant to dry.

Not sure why, but this project had me grinning the entire time I was making them. (I am easily amused). Here is the final product.

Melissa badge1

Melissa badge2

Melissa badge3

A few new things

Wow, it’s been a while. We have had endless problems with our server and we were unable to add new posts to our blog. What an irritation that was. But at last things seem to be sorted and I have lots of new things to show you.

A few years ago, when we first got our laser cutter, I really wanted to make a cupcake stand. We could have made them from wood but as we send most of our orders via post, the weight was a concern to us. We spent a long time experimenting with different materials, trying to find the perfect one. It had to be lightweight, food safe, and greaseproof. We believe we have found the perfect material and the fact that it is environmentally friendly and recyclable is an added bonus.

Our cupcake stands are supplied flat and are simple to assemble. Each stand consists of 9 pieces which slot together to build a stand which is 27 cm high and 30 cm wide. They are also strong enough to hold a small cake on the top tier and can be dismantled and wiped clean for multiple uses. Available here.

Cupcake-stand-flat White-cupcake-stand

We used our cupcake stand in our adorable Easter Cupcake Decorating Kit and look how stunning it is.

Easter-special-kit-complete Easter-special-kit-complete2


Paper Placemats

Check out this awesome addition to our Intrikut range of pretty stuff – a pad of disposable paper placemats. The idea of disposable paper placemats is certainly not new. Restaurants have been using them for years. They are cheap, hygenic and require minimal cleanup.

Paper placemats from Paperkutz come in pads of 50, with the same design printed on every sheet. We have used Earth Kind paper which is locally sourced. We have 2 different vintage style designs available. Click here to go to the Paperkutz store.

paper-placemats (1) paper-placemats (2) paper-placemats

If you run a restaurant/coffee shop/food stall etc, speak to us about customising disposable paper placemats for you.

Win Fat Bunny Earrings!

Here’s your chance to win Fat Bunny Earrings. Browse our store and then leave a message on this blog and tell us what your favourite Paperkutz or Intrikut product is!  Winner will be announced on Friday 16th March 2012.

And the lucky winner is….BethN. Please email us your postal address so that we can post your earrings to you.