Branded wooden boxes

We were approached to brand a few hundred boxes for corporate gifts for FNB Islamic Banking. The boxes were ultimately filled with sweets.

FNB boxes1

The original plan was to engrave on the boxes themselves but some of the boxes were too large to fit in our machine so we opted to engrave wooden labels which we could glue on instead. The engraved “smokey” labels always need cleaning when they come out of the machine but a light sanding and wipe with a damp cloth quickly sorts that out.

FNB boxes2

We made a simple wooden template to help align the labels to the boxes and then glued the labels on.

FNB boxes3

FNB boxes4


Loved the final rustic look of the boxes.

FNB boxes7


FNB boxes6


20150708_075628 (439x500)

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With father’s day coming up, we compiled a list of gift suggestions from the Paperkutz store that we know your dad will love.


But…there’s more! Your dad can strut his stuff proudly wearing his Superdad badge which we’ll throw in for FREE with every purchase off our list. How awesome is that? Psst…..Superdad badges are also available in our store (not online) for R15 each. Pop into our store to grab one.

superdad badge

Laser cut wooden clocks

Just finished this project – some small laser cut and engraved wooden desk clocks, engraved with our customer’s name.

First we cut and engraved the clocks from supawood.

01. Cutting clocks 02. Clocks cut

Next we glued the “feet” to the clocks.

04. Clocks glued

Then we added the movements and hands.

05. CLock parts

And here they are all ready for packing.

06. Clocks with hands

Needless to say we also designed, printed and cut the boxes for packaging the clocks – look how great they turned out. Our customer was pretty pleased with the result!

03. Packaging 07. CLocks packaged

Matchbook Calendar Coasters 2014

We are so excited about our latest product – a Matchbook Calendar Coaster set for 2014.

Each “matchbook” consists of 12 tear off coasters which are lovingly laser engraved on beer mat board with a different month of the year (2014). Each coaster is perforated at the bottom so tearing out is easy. Your coaster can be used for the month and then thrown away when a new month begins.

Matchbook Calendar open

Matchbook Calendar open2 Matchbook Calendar with mug

Each matchbook comes with a  printed cover. Currently we have 4 different cover designs: flamingo, moustache, birdies and the Joburg skyline. We have a limited quantity of our standard designs available, so get yours here.

4 designs

P.S. If you are a small company looking for the perfect gift for your customers, we would love to customise our Matchbook Calendar Coasters to suit you. Email us for details.




Laser engraved wall art.

Those of you who follow us on Facebook will know that every now and then we laser engrave something to hang on our office wall. This gives us the opportunity to improve our lasering skills and also adds a bit of interest to our office. We have no rules about what we choose – basically anything that takes our fancy (Pinterest is a great source of inspiration). Check out some of the pieces we have done.

oh yes very nice Fox Don't let yesterday Keep calm and drink tea Eat more cake


Personalised Baby Block

When we first saw personalised baby blocks, we knew that we could make something similar. For all those new moms and dads out there, this is the perfect keepsake for remembering all those little details about your baby’s birth. The blocks are laser cut from recycled wood and engraved with your baby’s details. We include your baby’s names, parent’s names, date of birth, time of birth, weight, length, day of the week baby was born and location of birth plus an image from our selection of clipart. The top and the bottom of the block is engraved with your baby’s first and last initial. The size of the block is 7cm x 7cm x 7cm. Our personalised baby blocks are available here.

Laser cut fruit bowl

Ever since I first saw a laser cut fruit bowl, I knew we had to make one. The fruit bowl looked like a pretty challenging project and after a bit of internet searching, I found an instructable over here.  A laser cutter cannot cut in 3D but it can cut “slices” which can be joined together to make a 3D object. I wasn’t too keen on how the original bowl was put together with copper wire so the design was changed slightly so that the laser cut wood “slices” could be glued together to make a more solid bowl. We laser cut ours from recycled wood and engraved our “Intrikut” logo on the bottom. Gluing the different layers took a while – we had to wait for the glue to dry on each layer before adding the next. We sealed the wood with a matt varnish and the end result was awesome. Still debating whether we should put these in our store.

Laser cut fruit bowl underside
Laser cut fruit bowl
Laser cut fruit bowl close up

New features of our online store

If you have looked at our online store lately, you will notice a lot of changes. Not only does our store look better, it also has a lot of new features. Here are just a few that we really like:
1.  A Wishlist which can be emailed to others to let them know what products you love (throw a few hints and someone might buy something for you)

2. A “Viewed Products” box which helps you keep track of what you have looked at.

3.  A Facebook  plugin and Twitter update block

4. An improved paper colour picker.

Pop into our new online store to check it out for yourself.