Flat Pack Beer Caddy

There are a lot of different beer caddies/beer crates floating around the internet at the moment, and we really wanted to make our own version. We send most of our orders by post/courier (which sometimes limits what we can make) so we had to come up with something that could pack flat, be easy to assemble and not cost a fortune to post.

I spent a good part of the December holidays fiddling with the design and wasted a lot of wood doing test cuts before we were happy. We also wanted to add a bottle opener to the beer caddy (the first ones we tried were crap quite honestly!).

The beer caddy is supplied in pieces which simply slot together. You do not need any glues or screws or nails or a degree in engineering to put it together.


 It has dividers which can be removed if you want to carry something larger than beer bottles. (tomato sauce, mustard, vinegar, oil).






And the cool thing is that it can also be dismantled when you are done and stored flat!

And there you have it – the unique, flat pack beer caddy with an engraving on one end and a bottle opener on the other.



 Oh and by the way, we can customise the beer caddy with your own logo / name / slogan. Email us for details.



Laser engraved wedding invitations.

My niece is getting married later in 2014 and we were thrilled to make her invitations/save the dates for her. She sent us an idea of what she wanted and left the rest up to us.

The invitation consists of 2 parts: a wooden heart which is laser engraved, and a laser cut “cover” printed on 300gsm paper. We custom made a few matching envelopes as some of the invitations were going to be posted.


hannah3 hannah1


We also inlaid a pretty pink perspex heart cutout into the wooden heart.


The wooden hearts are attached to the covers with pretty ribbons.

  hannah6 hannah4

We had such fun making these – my niece and her mom were roped in to add the finishing touches. (Yes I am not ashamed to admit that I used FREE LABOUR for finishing these off )


Laser cut leather

A customer, who makes leather sandals with interchangeable straps, asked us if we could laser cut a new design for her. She normally gets the leather straps die cut but wanted more detail which a laser can do.

We have never cut leather before so we first did a few test cuts on some scrap samples she gave us. We had heard that leather smells bad when it is laser cut so we were prepared for the worst. It does smell – a bit like burning hair – but nothing too bad. After fiddling around with our machine we found the perfect settings and look how beautifully the leather cut. Our customer was blown away and is so excited by the possibilities for her.

Leather sandal


Laser cut wooden clocks

Just finished this project – some small laser cut and engraved wooden desk clocks, engraved with our customer’s name.

First we cut and engraved the clocks from supawood.

01. Cutting clocks 02. Clocks cut

Next we glued the “feet” to the clocks.

04. Clocks glued

Then we added the movements and hands.

05. CLock parts

And here they are all ready for packing.

06. Clocks with hands

Needless to say we also designed, printed and cut the boxes for packaging the clocks – look how great they turned out. Our customer was pretty pleased with the result!

03. Packaging 07. CLocks packaged

Matchbook Calendar Coasters 2014

We are so excited about our latest product – a Matchbook Calendar Coaster set for 2014.

Each “matchbook” consists of 12 tear off coasters which are lovingly laser engraved on beer mat board with a different month of the year (2014). Each coaster is perforated at the bottom so tearing out is easy. Your coaster can be used for the month and then thrown away when a new month begins.

Matchbook Calendar open

Matchbook Calendar open2 Matchbook Calendar with mug

Each matchbook comes with a  printed cover. Currently we have 4 different cover designs: flamingo, moustache, birdies and the Joburg skyline. We have a limited quantity of our standard designs available, so get yours here.

4 designs

P.S. If you are a small company looking for the perfect gift for your customers, we would love to customise our Matchbook Calendar Coasters to suit you. Email us for details.




Laser cut wooden badges

A while ago we received a request to make laser cut badges for a wedding. The bride sent us a photo of what she wanted and asked if we were able to make something similar. I love making something new and the badges looked like they would be easy enough to make.

As with all new products, we prefer to do a trial run first so that we can iron out any glitches and get our act together. So, here is a pic of our prototype – needless to say this badge is MINE.

The boss badge

The badge is made up of 2 layers of wood: the top layer is engraved and cut and the bottom layer is painted and then glued to the top. The badge is then given a few coats of clear sealant and a magnetic brooch pin is fixed to the back. Simple and quick – the longest process was waiting for the coats of sealant to dry.

Not sure why, but this project had me grinning the entire time I was making them. (I am easily amused). Here is the final product.

Melissa badge1

Melissa badge2

Melissa badge3

Laser cut Bear on a Bike

Our regular customers know that we give away a freebie with our online orders. In the past we have given away wooden hearts and cupcakes. (Can’t find a pic of the hearts – don’t know where that went to)

wooden cupcakes

Anyway, it was time for a change and we came up with a Bear on a Bike – not sure why but it just appealed to me.

bear thank you

We left them without any text so that our customers could easily turn them into a pendant or keyring by adding their own chain, ribbon or split ring. So how great is that – a freebie with multiple uses? Get yours for FREE by placing an order at www.paperkutz.co.za



Flower power cupcake wrappers

My daughter was having a birthday and asked me to make some cupcake wrappers. She had a huge choice from the Paperkutz range but she wanted something new. I was pleased, as it forced us to design a new cupcake wrapper. We decided on something fresh and flowery and came up with these lovely Flower Power cupcake wrappers which are gorgeously lacey without being “granny”. We lasercut them in bright pink (her favourite colour) and orange.

flower-power-orange flower-power-pink


Our Flower Power cupcake wrappers are now available in our store in a choice of 20 different paper colours.

Laser engraved wall art.

Those of you who follow us on Facebook will know that every now and then we laser engrave something to hang on our office wall. This gives us the opportunity to improve our lasering skills and also adds a bit of interest to our office. We have no rules about what we choose – basically anything that takes our fancy (Pinterest is a great source of inspiration). Check out some of the pieces we have done.

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