Flower power cupcake wrappers

My daughter was having a birthday and asked me to make some cupcake wrappers. She had a huge choice from the Paperkutz range but she wanted something new. I was pleased, as it forced us to design a new cupcake wrapper. We decided on something fresh and flowery and came up with these lovely Flower Power cupcake wrappers which are gorgeously lacey without being “granny”. We lasercut them in bright pink (her favourite colour) and orange.

flower-power-orange flower-power-pink


Our Flower Power cupcake wrappers are now available in our store in a choice of 20 different paper colours.

A few new things

Wow, it’s been a while. We have had endless problems with our server and we were unable to add new posts to our blog. What an irritation that was. But at last things seem to be sorted and I have lots of new things to show you.

A few years ago, when we first got our laser cutter, I really wanted to make a cupcake stand. We could have made them from wood but as we send most of our orders via post, the weight was a concern to us. We spent a long time experimenting with different materials, trying to find the perfect one. It had to be lightweight, food safe, and greaseproof. We believe we have found the perfect material and the fact that it is environmentally friendly and recyclable is an added bonus.

Our cupcake stands are supplied flat and are simple to assemble. Each stand consists of 9 pieces which slot together to build a stand which is 27 cm high and 30 cm wide. They are also strong enough to hold a small cake on the top tier and can be dismantled and wiped clean for multiple uses. Available here.

Cupcake-stand-flat White-cupcake-stand

We used our cupcake stand in our adorable Easter Cupcake Decorating Kit and look how stunning it is.

Easter-special-kit-complete Easter-special-kit-complete2


More moustache cupcake wrappers.

We currently sell moustache cupcake wrappers in our store in 2 colours: grey and red.
A customer asked if we could change the colours for her to black and pink and so naturally we obliged.I really love the colour combination and it really is no problem to change the colours.

If you love a product in our store but would prefer a different colour, don’t be afraid to ask us! We’ll do our best to oblige. Visit our store to see more of our lovely goodies.

Dahlia Cupcake Wrappers

We thought it was time for a new cupcake wrapper and our latest design has been waiting in the wings for a few weeks. We love pretty flower designs – we already have a few in our store like our lovely Lace Rose cupcake wrapper, our popular Daisy cupcake wrapper, our cheerful Sunflower cupcake wrapper and our Lace Tulip cupcake wrapper. Our latest cupcake wrapper features a lacy Dahlia design and is available in 20 different paper colours. These would be awesome for weddings, cut in our elegant shimmer white or shimmer cream paper. Available in our store.

New Fondant Stamps

At last we got a chance to add two new fondant stamps to our collection. We designed and made these fondant stamps a while ago but never got a chance to take pics and put them in our store. Check out our “Made with Love” and our “Home Made” stamps – perfect for adding a personal touch to your baking.  We stamped a whole bunch of them onto fondant and cut them out with a cookie cutter. You can follow step by step instructions on how to use fondant stamps over here.  Don’t forget that fondant stamps also work perfectly on chocolate, biscuit dough, clay and just about anything that is rollable/pliable.

We can also customise a fondant stamp for you with your company logo/wedding details/baby shower details/monograms etc. Email us with your request.


Lovebird cupcake wrappers

Following the success of our Lovebird  place cards, we decided to make matching Lovebird cupcake wrappers. These are beautifully delicate and need to be handled carefully.  The swirly branches and leaves are really gorgeous and the design is exclusive to Paperkutz. Available in 20 different paper colours. (Matching Lovebird cake toppers are on their way!)

Customised cupcake wrappers

We make lots of customised cupcake wrappers, usually printed with names, monograms, logos or messages. This week we made some stunning customised wrappers using our ever popular Lace Rose cupcake wrapper design. We tweaked the design it a bit to make space for the printed names and used our gorgeous shimmer white paper. The result is pretty awesome!

New cupcake wrappers

We have some beautiful new cupcake wrappers in our store. Seeing as Mother’s Day is coming up, we kept this in mind when we designed our new wrappers.  Our Funky Flowerbed cupcake wrappers are bright, fun and cheerful and are not only perfect for Mother’s Day cupakes but would be great for other casual events. Check them out here.

For a more formal look, we have these dainty Birds & Blossoms cupcake wrappers with an  elegant curvy edge.  Available here. Both of these wrapper styles are less R10 per pack until the 9th March 2012.

And finally our cute Circus Cupcake wrappers have finally made it into the store (took a while but we got there!). I love the colours on these so much that we even made a matching Circus Cake Wrap.