Custom wooden boxes

Every now and then we get asked to make custom wooden gift boxes to hold whiskey, wine or beer. Here are a few projects we have done over the past few months.

A custom box with 4 whisky glasses. We also printed a custom sticker for the whisky bottle.

20150129_164436 (375x500) 20150129_163802 (300x500) 20150129_163837 (375x500)

A custom box to hold 2 of the recipient’s favourite craft beers. We added a custom engraved bottle opener (sadly we cannot find stock of bottle openers at the moment – such a pity as they make awesome gifts.)

20151215_165700 (281x500) 20151215_165413 (311x500) 20151215_165527 (281x500)

We recently made this custom box to hold a bottle of whisky, 2 glasses and a set of custom coasters.

20160406_100839 (317x500) 20160406_105819 (281x500) 20160407_062245 (500x488) 20160406_105657 (500x480)

Email us on if you are looking for a custom box for that special gift.

***Wine boxes available online here

Branded wooden boxes

We were approached to brand a few hundred boxes for corporate gifts for FNB Islamic Banking. The boxes were ultimately filled with sweets.

FNB boxes1

The original plan was to engrave on the boxes themselves but some of the boxes were too large to fit in our machine so we opted to engrave wooden labels which we could glue on instead. The engraved “smokey” labels always need cleaning when they come out of the machine but a light sanding and wipe with a damp cloth quickly sorts that out.

FNB boxes2

We made a simple wooden template to help align the labels to the boxes and then glued the labels on.

FNB boxes3

FNB boxes4


Loved the final rustic look of the boxes.

FNB boxes7


FNB boxes6


20150708_075628 (439x500)

Engraved Consol Solar Jars

We were asked to engrave a logo and slogan onto 200 Consol Solar Jars. We have had a bit of practice engraving these as night lights for Little Lumps so we took the job on with confidence.

The solar jars are an odd shape – kind of square with rounded edges, and one side has Consol branding embossed into the glass. This makes it quite difficult to engrave and the best way to get consistent results is to build a jig (sounds posher than it actually is). We basically built a box for the jar to rest in while it gets engraved.

Eurolab solar jars1

Glass also needs to be masked before it gets engraved so we painstakingly stuck a piece of masking tape onto each jar. Sound like fun yet?

Eurolab solar jars2

This is what it looks like after engraving but before we clean it up. Not very pretty.

Eurolab solar jars3

But look how lovely it is after the masking tape is removed and the glass is given a wipe.

Eurolab solar jars4

Ta da!

Eurolab solar jars final

Wooden badges

We were asked by Genio Roasters to make 300 badges for the SCAE World of Coffee Expo in Italy this year. We had to keep it simple as we had only 3 days to produce them.


We laser engraved 12 different designs from 3mm supawood.

Badges7 Badges6 Badges5 Badges4 Badges3 Badges2

We glued badge pins to the back (ever waited for glue to dry in a Joburg winter?)


And here they are – all packed and ready to go.










Custom wooden tray

Just finished this custom order for a wooden tray. Our customer wanted a specific size which meant we had to design and make it from scratch. The tray is just slightly larger than A4.


 We added some pretty engraving on the sides.


We used supawood throughout and gave it a few coats of sealant.  tray3


Flat Pack Beer Caddy

There are a lot of different beer caddies/beer crates floating around the internet at the moment, and we really wanted to make our own version. We send most of our orders by post/courier (which sometimes limits what we can make) so we had to come up with something that could pack flat, be easy to assemble and not cost a fortune to post.

I spent a good part of the December holidays fiddling with the design and wasted a lot of wood doing test cuts before we were happy. We also wanted to add a bottle opener to the beer caddy (the first ones we tried were crap quite honestly!).

The beer caddy is supplied in pieces which simply slot together. You do not need any glues or screws or nails or a degree in engineering to put it together.


 It has dividers which can be removed if you want to carry something larger than beer bottles. (tomato sauce, mustard, vinegar, oil).






And the cool thing is that it can also be dismantled when you are done and stored flat!

And there you have it – the unique, flat pack beer caddy with an engraving on one end and a bottle opener on the other.



 Oh and by the way, we can customise the beer caddy with your own logo / name / slogan. Email us for details.



Laser cut leather

A customer, who makes leather sandals with interchangeable straps, asked us if we could laser cut a new design for her. She normally gets the leather straps die cut but wanted more detail which a laser can do.

We have never cut leather before so we first did a few test cuts on some scrap samples she gave us. We had heard that leather smells bad when it is laser cut so we were prepared for the worst. It does smell – a bit like burning hair – but nothing too bad. After fiddling around with our machine we found the perfect settings and look how beautifully the leather cut. Our customer was blown away and is so excited by the possibilities for her.

Leather sandal


Another laser engraved bamboo cutting board

We have been engraving a lot of bamboo cutting boards lately and I was dying to engrave one for myself. My chopping boards are all over 10 years old (yes really) and were looking a bit the worse for wear (ok they were manky).

So I chose a lovely heart shaped bamboo chopping board, which I bought from Mr Price Home, and laser engraved this awesome image of vintage cutlery. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s probably best to use the reverse side of the board for chopping so that the engraving is not ruined.

heart shaped chopping board


Laser engraved invitations

We have just finished  laser engraving these wooden invitations. Aren’t they spectacular? The client wanted  60 invites with cutout hearts and laser engraved wording.  We made them an A6 size and engraved the text using two different fonts. We were really pleased with how they turned out and our customer was too!

We  laser cut and engraved some wooden gift tags which also had a cutout heart and using the same font as we used for the invitations. Such a pretty result -just love it.

Custom Laser Cutting

A few weeks ago we were asked by Says Who  to laser cut some wooden pieces they needed for  Converse shoe billboards for Jhb and Cape Town. The very talented Nic supplied all the artwork ready to laser cut and engrave. We absolutely loved this job – awesome artwork, laser ready files and a laid back customer made the whole process a pleasure. The wooden pieces were used to build a “city” inside a Converse shoe. Some of the pieces had some really fine detail and were very fragile.

The Jhb billboard went up recently and we managed to take a few pics. I really love the Hadeda with his giant flappy wings. The laser cut pieces are on the far right. You can see more photos on the Says Who website.