Interesting Projects

Ever since we got our laser cutter, we have had a lot of students coming in for various cutting/engraving jobs for their college projects. Almost all of these jobs are last minute (“I need it … like NOW”) and most are pretty boring and run of the mill, but this one was different. I am not sure what the actual project was about but we were asked to cut a few coat hangers from wood which needed to be printed first. Now we can’t print on wood so we did the next best thing – we digitally printed a sticker, stuck it to the wood and laser cut the coat hangers. We were pretty pleased with the result.


Die cut stickers

For those of you who read my previous posts about die cut business cards, we applied the same principle to die cut stickers. For stickers the cutter is adjusted so that it only cuts through the adhesive layer and not through the backing paper of the self adhesive sheet. We die cut oval stickers digitally so there was no need for a traditional expensive steel rule die. We first laser printed the design on an A3 sheet of self adhesive paper and then cut them on our digital cutter. Ours were 50mm x 30mm oval but any size or shape is possible. We managed to cut 64 stickers out of an A3 sheet.The stickers simply peel off the backing paper. We can cut as required so there is no need to cut thousands at a time just to save on costs.