Engraved Consol Solar Jars

We were asked to engrave a logo and slogan onto 200 Consol Solar Jars. We have had a bit of practice engraving these as night lights for Little Lumps so we took the job on with confidence.

The solar jars are an odd shape – kind of square with rounded edges, and one side has Consol branding embossed into the glass. This makes it quite difficult to engrave and the best way to get consistent results is to build a jig (sounds posher than it actually is). We basically built a box for the jar to rest in while it gets engraved.

Eurolab solar jars1

Glass also needs to be masked before it gets engraved so we painstakingly stuck a piece of masking tape onto each jar. Sound like fun yet?

Eurolab solar jars2

This is what it looks like after engraving but before we clean it up. Not very pretty.

Eurolab solar jars3

But look how lovely it is after the masking tape is removed and the glass is given a wipe.

Eurolab solar jars4

Ta da!

Eurolab solar jars final