Custom wooden boxes

Every now and then we get asked to make custom wooden gift boxes to hold whiskey, wine or beer. Here are a few projects we have done over the past few months.

A custom box with 4 whisky glasses. We also printed a custom sticker for the whisky bottle.

20150129_164436 (375x500) 20150129_163802 (300x500) 20150129_163837 (375x500)

A custom box to hold 2 of the recipient’s favourite craft beers. We added a custom engraved bottle opener (sadly we cannot find stock of bottle openers at the moment – such a pity as they make awesome gifts.)

20151215_165700 (281x500) 20151215_165413 (311x500) 20151215_165527 (281x500)

We recently made this custom box to hold a bottle of whisky, 2 glasses and a set of custom coasters.

20160406_100839 (317x500) 20160406_105819 (281x500) 20160407_062245 (500x488) 20160406_105657 (500x480)

Email us on if you are looking for a custom box for that special gift.

***Wine boxes available online here

Laser engraved wedding invitations

Sometimes I wish a laser engraver was more like a printer – you know, stick the stuff in, push a button and a perfect product comes out the other end. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Each material reacts differently to the laser and sometimes different files have different effects on the material. We found out the hard way when we were asked to engrave wood  for wooden wedding invitations (easy peasy, we thought, as we engrave wood every day). The customer sent us the file but the problem was that the text to be engraved was very scripty and small. We tried our normal settings for wood and got nowhere. The end result was blurry and awful. We mucked around trying to get it right and after a few hours (yes really, a few hours!) we finally got the settings right and managed to turn out these unique wedding invitations which double up as drinks coasters.

Customised wooden coasters

So it seems like we have a had a “coaster” week this week. Check out these customised laser engraved wooden coasters that we have been busy with. They are cut from recycled wood and then treated with a sealant. We were pretty pleased with the result and they were fun to make. Email us if you are looking for something similar.

Laser engraved wood

The great thing about a laser engraver is that it constantly surprises us with what it can do. This week we decided to experiment with different materials: wood, supawood, acrylic, perspex and different thickness of paper. It takes a bit of tweaking to get the best settings on the machine and each material reacts differently so we needed plenty of materials to practise on. These are some engraved wooden coasters which we made.

Engraved wooden coaster

We can laser engrave wooden items with your company logo/slogan etc or how about customising small wooden shapes like hearts or discs for gift tags? Email us for prices and details.